New knowledge emerges out of lateral thinking and intuition, long-term preoccupations and unexpected turns, raw evidence, reality checks, and other motives.

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Architecture AND Landscape: Beyond the Magic Diagram

Alessandra Ponte

Such unanimous enthusiasm for a diagram, which appears magically to offer solutions to any sort of dilemma, raises at least some perplexity.More

Monument as Ruin

Charles Stankievech

“The centre cannot hold,” writes W. B. Yeats while reflecting on the spiritual ruins of World War I.More

Arms Race

Yusuke Obuchi

An arms race is on in the worlds of computation and architectural fabrication research.More

Plastic Imagination

Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen

This essay connects a material substance—plastic—to a particular kind of cognitive process—imagining. More

W@r aga1nst the F1lters: Spam as the Inheritor of High Modernism

Octavian Esanu

For some time I have been captivated by a form of writing that has been captivating my email inbox.More